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The Best Online Discount Furniture Stores in Los Angeles

When it comes to purchasing furniture there are two things having not that much sense: considering expensive furniture rather than inexpensive – discount – one and, if deciding on the latter, looking for it in land-based stores. ”Expensive” does not always mean ”upscale”, and hardly any land-based store can provide such an extensive range of services as an online one. LA Top Rated Discount Furniture Outlets There are myriads of online discount furniture stores on the Web but you, being a wise customer, should deal with the top rated ones like LaComfy, Melrose Discount Furniture and LA Discount Furniture. All of them (with a slight difference though) will be ready to ...

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Range Rover Evoque Prices

Range Rover Evoque prices remain competitive despite being one of the sharpest looking and more capable compact crossovers in the market. Want an ultra-stylish small SUV to complement your equally stylish and active lifestyle? The Range Rover Evoque is the right vehicle for you. The newest and smallest Range Rover is a direct assault to the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3 but it can even rival other compact cars and midsize saloons in the price range. The Range Rover Evoque is unique as it is the most fuel-efficient and lightest car that Land Rover has ever produced. If you think that this is an aim to attract more customers into the Range Rover brand then you are partly right. It is believed that the ...

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Mercedes-Benz CLK500: High style, surgically enhanced

Many baby boomers are having "some work done" on their sagging bodies — getting a tuck here and a nip there — and some of their cars are going under the scalpel, too. The wraps have come off the Mercedes-Benz CLK, a favorite coupe of the country club set, and the results are stunning. Mercedes introduced the CLK in 1997 as a ‘98 model, confident that the withered market for two-door luxury cars would bloom again as aging boomers traded minivans and sport utilities for sportier, more personal cars. Engineers based the CLK on the compact C-Class sedan, but they designed the car as a coupe from the ground up, avoiding the compromises that would have been inherent in adapting a four-door ...

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Toyota 4Runner gets major overhaul

Toyota followed in the footsteps of the Big Three U.S. automakers and has used Texas as the stage to introduce its newest truck product.. General Motors, Ford and Chrysler have known for years that the state of Texas, and particularly the State Fair of Texas, are great venues for public introductions of new trucks and sport utilities, primarily because Texas also is the biggest truck market for those companies. Toyota rolled out the all-new 2003 4Runner sport utility at the State Fair, which holds an auto show on the fairgrounds each year that attracts millions of visitors. The 4Runner and hundreds of other new vehicles are on display at the fair. The redesigned 4Runner, including an entirely ...

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LW300 wagon a leap forward for Saturn

Saturn, the Tennessee-based division of General Motors established in 1991, has never offered bad cars, but it still can be said that the 2003 line — topped by the LW300 wagon — represents a quantum jump. With a list of standard features that shames some of its midsize rivals, the LW300 may look like your traditional station wagon, but it doesn’t drive or ride like one. It’s tight, eminently controllable and comfortable. There are options, including a $4,280 entertainment package, that Saturn and its dealers will gladly supply. Buyers can get virtually anything they want except blazing performance and a manual transmission (unless opting for the base LW200 models with shifter, not speed). Prices ...

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Georgia’s $320 million offer lures DaimlerChrysler plant

The latest bidding war between southern states over a new auto manufacturing plant was resolved in Georgia’s favor for the first time, as DaimlerChrysler said Thursday it had chosen a site near Savannah over one near Charleston, S.C., to turn out two types of vans now made only in Germany. The $754 million assembly plant in Pooler, 12 miles west of Savannah, will go into construction in July "barring any unforeseen changes in the economy," said Joselyn Butler Baker, spokeswoman for Gov. Roy E. Barnes, who announced an agreement in principle with the company Thursday afternoon. His fellow Democrat, Gov. Jim Hodges of South Carolina, offered as much as $346 million in incentives to ...

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Mini Cooper is ‘fab’ again

Given that its return was as inevitable as the sun rising in the east and Willie Nelson being on the road again, BMW still has done a magnificent job of manufacturing, marketing and just flat hyping its Mini Cooper. The little darling — no going against the public perception here — is as pervasive as those wretched pop-up ads on the Web. Folks who did and didn’t know the original, which was birthed in 1959, are lusting after it, much to the delight of dealers. The price is right, $16,300 base plus $550 delivery for the model. There’s also a hotted-up "S" model with the 115-horsepower standard four-cylinder engine supercharged to 163 hp for $19,300. With the latter, you get ...

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Lexus packs a punch in smaller ES 300

The Lexus ES 300 is back for 2003 with no changes in its second year after a complete update just last year. It was then, and remains today, one of the best entry-level luxury cars on the market. I wasn’t a big fan of the previous generation of the ES 300, but this new one outshines the old one, and the changes run far deeper than external appearance. This ES 300 comes on an all-new platform — the basic architecture of the vehicle — with a wheelbase that is two inches longer than before, for better handling and more interior space (one of the few shortcomings of the previous generation). Also, the new model is 2 1/2 half inches taller, which means that finally, tall people can fit comfortably ...

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How to Hire Marketing Experts in Boston

For companies based in Boston, or simply looking to advertise in Boston, ad agencies can be extremely helpful. Hiring one, however, can be a bit overwhelming. Here we take a look at some of the more common questions asked by small business owners as they begin searching for marketing support. Q: I found a great marketing company in Boston. SEO services aren’t part of their offerings, though. Do I really need SEO? What exactly is it? A: In a word, YES. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a form of content development that ultimately increases your search engine rankings, helping your company gain exposure and leading to better site traffic and increased business. A good marketing company ...

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Griffin part of planning team

MEREDITH — Stephen B. Griffin, AICP, Senior Associate of Municipal Resources, Inc. (MRI) of Meredith and Salem and Kennebunkport, Maine, has been invited to participate in a six-member team to review the master plan for Rizhao, China. The project is being coordinated by the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), and will take place the fourth week of October. The AICP team will review the current master plan of Rizhao, which is in the Shandong Province on the Yellow Sea, southeast of Beijing. Rizhao is a seaport community, with a mixed reliance on industry, port and tourism trades. Griffin of Francestown has had more than 20 years municipal experience in North Carolina, Arizona, and ...

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