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No More Pop Ups – Peel Away Ads are The Way to Go!

1 Apr 2013 | Author: | No Comments »

0603-26When visitors come to a website, the last thing they want in their experience is annoying fly-in subscription forms, pop-ups, pop-under (grr) and warnings in their browser if they happen to have blocker software. While these advertising strategies still work, they are not optimal for the user experience.

Harris Fellman and Richard Osterude just released the coolest advertising script that used to be only available to deep pocket customers. You’ve probably seen some peel away ads before, but wondered, “how in the world did they do that?”

“Your new software is not only incredibly effective in drawing in almost everyone’s attention, but it also ads a true value to your site as it pleasures the eyes like magic.”

That’s what Marcus had to say about it! Magic is definitely a fitting description.

Peel Away Ads…

  • improve conversion rates
  • peak visitors interest
  • just got updated, so you can get the latest version, as of right now!

Well now you can do that very same thing on not one, but all of your internet properties for just one low fee! Stop giving your visitors a headache with antiquated adverting strategies, instead capture their natural curiosity in an elegant and user friendly fashion, using peel aways.

Go download it before they realize their mistake and raise the price: Peel Away Ads

Incorporate this marketing & advertising strategy into all of your online ventures! The uses are endless, let your imagination and passion run wild as you load up yet another bullet to the revolver that is your marketing strategy. They are especially useful for landing pages and a nice alternative for forum and blog advertising.

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