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Use Landing Pages To Build Your Subscriber List!

6 Mar 2013 | Author: | No Comments »

Teamwork and puzzleLanding pages are a wonderful marketing strategy – one that can be used by every vertical and in every situation. Here’s the low down on this killer marketing strategy!

What is a landing page?

First, let’s get clarity on landing pages. Landing pages are no more than simple HTML web pages – synonymous with squeeze pages and capture pages. The purpose of a landing page is to acquire visitors’ emails (and possibly other demographics).

Why use landing pages?

There are two main reasons:

When you advertise your business, you want to have some accountability for each of your advertising partners. Are they delivering a return? Do you even know? Landing pages are an excellent way to monetize your advertising campaigns. Because you can track each campaign with a unique landing page, for a very minimal cost, you have absolute figures without relying on some third party to monitor your advertising stats.

You want to appeal to your target ed audience as much as possible, so by setting up a landing page for each campaign you are able to co-brand your landing pages with the same look and feel of the referring publisher site, or simply cater to or leverage the language used in your ads. You will be able to test your landing pages as well to achieve optimal results.

Why build a list?

If you setup your pages properly, and consistently drive traffic to them, you will find your list growing steadily. But why have a list at all? Let’s start simple – would you prefer to end out an email once a month to 300 people who “might” be interested in what you do or sell, or, send out that email to 3000 prospects that put THEMSELVES on your list?

So now this is common sense, right?

How do I get them on my list?

Glad you asked! There are a ton of tools out there to help with your email marketing efforts and really, that’s another subject for another time. Basically, you would setup an account, create a form and copy/paste it onto your landing page – that simple, seriously.

When should I use landing pages?

Excellent question! All the time! Every marketing campaign you send out and every marketing strategy you put together should always loop around to a landing page, if possible.

  • In your radio ads, send traffic to www.yourdomain.com/radio.
  • In your magazine ads, send traffic to www.yourdomain.com/mag.
  • In your television ads, send traffic to www.yourdomain.com/tv.

I think you get the point… If you are trying to determine your ROI for each of your media placements, then be sure to use simple, affordable landing pages to segment your leads and track each campaign independently.

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