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Article Writing Secrets

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If you are like most internet entrepreneurs, you need to be writing articles about your niche. When you write articles, post them to a niche blog and at the very least to

If this is your first time publishing articles, go setup a free blog at www.wordpress.com (or you can setup your own fully customizable wordpress blog) and setup your free account with the article site mentioned above. Also, get an account with www.elance.com if you don’t already have a source for your article production. Then you’re off – make a goal to do 10 new articles about your niche!

Now to the secrets… it’s more of a system really.

  • Put your main article ideas on paper
  • Write out some points to hit on in each article
  • Get bids for writing your articles
  • Publish your articles

What’s so Secret?

Two things… first off, the way in which to structure your articles – subject title and points – will save you a lot of time when putting your first 10 articles together. Second, you will have a systematic way of getting your articles produced without breaking your brow or your wallet.

Article marketing is a very successful business marketing strategy. You should employ this system more than just the initial 10 recommended, but shoot for thousands over the course of two years.

Why Should I Submit Articles

If you’re still asking this question, then I need you to think outside the box for a minute. Article marketing serves two purposes, really it can serve more, but for business intent there are two main reasons you would employ this strategy.

  • Authority – providing you with an internet presence and expert status
  • Traffic – providing your business landing pages with high quality traffic
  • You want both in virtually every industry – so get crackin!

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